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SLAVC is a non-profit group by U.S. Army veterans, for U.S. Army veterans all over the United States.

SLAVC goes beyond reminiscing days of wars already gone like the Vietnam War. SLAVC actually helps its member veterans help themselves. SLAVC has its beginnings in the late 1960s, but has since grown into one of the oldest and most successful self-help organizations in the United States. Veterans of US Army created SLAVC. Since it was created by veterans for veterans, SLAVC has programs that enable US army veterans to help themselves.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War definitely created a group of injured and troubled individuals among U.S. Army veterans. Many of us had trouble readjusting to home and suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Such a condition among US army veterans inevitably led to the formation of support groups like the SLAVC to help them get back on track.

Now, the wounds of the war may be thinning for some veterans. Many of them are already in their golden years. But SLAVC continues to support the U.S. army veterans so they can live their lives the best way they can.

SLAVC’s Work 

For just a minimum annual fee, U.S. Army veterans can have access to resources that get them on the road to living a full life – family, friends, a sense of community, and financial independence. Much of SLAVC’s educational work has been through its radio station in Missouri, which can also be heard live on the Internet.

SLAVC is currently working very hard to attain Premium Financing for war veterans enabling them to take out big life insurance plans. this will help insure the security of their families, who have gone through enough.

With this website, SLAVC hope to reach out to more veterans outside the Missouri state, especially those who have embraced new technologies. For those that are still not so technology savvy, we still hope to reach them out through their more savvy family members and friends.

Finally we officially announce the Paraiba Tourmaline Gem to be the official Gemstone of the SLAVC Organization.

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